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- Added one link for the StS lyrics on the links page. Sorry folks I know I haven't done much on my page lately but well, I was kinda caught up with exams (over now fortunately :)) and I'm going off on holidays (yes!!!) soon so don't expect much changes on this page anytime soon :p With that, I'm wishing every who has school holidays/vacations happy holidays and see ya soon after that!! *grins*


- added new links for Final Fantasy stuff in the miscellaneous section of the links page.


- added new links to the links page
- added 2 new fanfics by Eve in the fanfiction page


- Redid the entire page (almost), should be about functionnal.
- Added new links to the links page 


- Changed and added links to the links page.


-Added, apart from the "Tamahome" and the "Tasuki" GIFs, two new Saint Seiya GIFs, one on "Shaka" and the other one on "Ikki"


-Created and "animated GIFs" page! Only one or two GIFs so far, but it's gonna grow soon! :)


-I have *finally* corrected all the *broken* links in the fanfiction page. (thanks again Eve! [sheepish grin]). Now, all the fics should be *accessible*, you have my word for it [goes and bangs her head on the wall] I hate myself!! ^_^


-Made the link to chapter 4 of a "debt long forgotten" available [sheepish grin] Thanks eve! ^^; [blushes]


-Added two new fics by Eve in the "fanfiction" page, one entitled "Past, present and future" and the other "A path shadowed"


-Revamped the "characters" page and the "credits" page


-Just finished revamping the "main" page, the "fanfiction" page and the "B'tX screen shots" page. More to come soon! ^_^ (told ya I was remodeling [grins])


-Created a "B'tX screen shots page".


-Added chapter  3 of the fanfic "Another reality" in the fanfic page.


- [blushing] Eve made me notice that the links to the fanfics "a  Debt  Long  Forgotten" and "Another Reality" could not be accessed in the fanfic page! So I went there, checked and  saw  that there was indeed a problem ... I didn't upload them [sheepish grin] ... though I though I did. Honest! So here it is now. Sorry for the inconvenience and ... thanks again Eve! :)) 
-For those who did not notice it  yet,  I'm remodeling some of the pages in my website, this page included.  Problem is, I'm never satisfied so be prepared to see changing  designs now and then. Don't worry. It's normal :)


-Updated and added new links in the links page.


-Added chapter four to the fanfic "A debt long forgotten" in the "fanfic" page.


-Added two new pictures to the "Miscellaneous drawings" section.


-Added another 5 more pictures to the "fanart" page. This time Dohko, Aiolia, Julian Solo, Saori and Hades.


-Added 5 more pictures to the "fanart" page namely, Shun, Seiya, Seiya, Seiya and Seiya!


-Added a drawings section that includes a "fanart" page, a "Images related to fanfics" page and finally a "miscellaneous drawings" page.
I know I still didn't put up an icon on the main page that links up the "drawings" section but I will ... soon (I hope). In the meantime, you can access it (if you want) from *any* of the pages on this site ( with exception the main page ...weird right? :))


-Added a long fanfic written by Eve on the fanfic page entitled "The Forsaken Land". A completed fic divided into 5 chapters plus Prologue and Epilogue.
-Added a short fic written by Eve entitled "Scheme"
-Added the link to the fic "To save a friend".
-Updated the characters page, added a link to the real size of each character pic in each of their bios unless the pic is already in original size and added four new profiles, Aphrodite from "To save a friend", Hestia from "The legend of the stones of light", Tiare and Taia from "A debt long forgotten".


-Added two new profiles in the characters page, Kaea and Hina from the story a "Debt long forgotten"


-Added two new fics from Eve on the fanfic page, namely a StS/Return of the Condor Heroes crossover/parody and a short fic on Siegfried.


-Re-did the whole characters page and modified a bit all the profiles and links in there.


-Moved all the existing files from Geocities to Tripod.
-Created an updates page.
-Created a credits/thank-yous page.
-Changed the background on the fanfics page and wrote more details on some stories.
-Added one link in the links page.


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