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Saint Seiya General Information
Saint Seiya International
Mu's Corner
Athemilis' Sanctuary
Cyber Namida (french)

Saint Seiya fanfics
Seawasp's fanfics
True, there's a lot of angst in what Seawasp and his wife Kathleen write, but dang it, they write so well that's it's truly worth it. Try "Ressurection" for example.
note: there are some, erm, *very* explicite erm, scenes sometimes so erm, be warned. :)
Boadicea's page
 Viviane is one of the most loved Saint Seiya fanfic writers on the Net. With stories like Avalon, and now currently, Tristan.
note: Same thing as Seawasp. Be warned of, erm, certain scenes :p
Brian Doyle's fanfics
Simply enthralling. A must-read author.
Ariane "Fuu-chan" Kovasevic's fanfics
Angsty :p. Centered on Shun mainly.
Eve's site
Need I say more ? :) All of Eve's fanfics, StS and non-StS alike.
Mu's Corner
After Hades here comes Zeus....
Athemilis' Sanctuary
Short stories mainly on the Goldies.
 Crossover between Saint Seiya and Legend of Super Heroes. It's amidst the (very interesting) Ranma fanfics if you can't find it. :)
Saendie's homepage
Crossover between  Saint Seiya and Ronin Warriors (YST).
A little Saint Seiya Nook
 What do the God warriors do when preparing for Christmas? Plus other fanfics, notably some in Chinese, really nice.:)
La Pagina de los Caballeros del Zodiaco
The goddess Artemis is here...
Fanfics by Sephyrosu
Parodies and parodies and parodies to have a  good time. Need I say more?
Stayka's Saint Seiya Archive
poem on Saint Seiya... particularly Hyoga and more.
Fanfics by Clea Saal
Epilogue to Hades...
Bubblegum Crisis
 There's one StS fanfic there called "Ethereal". As you guessed, it's a BGC/StS crossover. Quite cute actually. If you can't find it, look for the only file with bgc and saint seiya  in it.
Saint Seiya Forever
Short story about Isia, one of Shaka's ex-disciples....
Tim's page
 A fanfic entitled "Do Cvidanija", it talks about the last scene of Hades, and just after it, before the Heaven Chapter.
Anime Land
In this Shiryu/Shunrei shrine, you'll find lots of nice fanfics, like for example "The Sleeping Beauty" a fanfic revolving around the question "Will Shiryu reveal his feelings to Shunrei?" ... I'll let you answer that question for yourself. :)
Fanfics by Fabian "Wildjoker" Royer
It's the Saints of Athena again! Only this time, they are not quite the same Saints that we know about... Fanfic about the Saints of the ancient time, this is definitively a very interesting fanfic.
Kuri-chan's Homepage
Lovely story taking place after the Hades battle mixing the Saints (especially Hyoga) with Egyptian mysteries (magic, love...).
Here you will be able to find serious fanfics, but especially fanfics that are a bit *ahem* lime/lemon?  Very funny, but to be read if you take no offense at the physical "descriptions" of the fanfics (that is, its sexual aspect...)
Patrick Huart
Author of the notable Saint Seiya in love, which are basically stories revolving around the love lives of saints, be they gold, silver or bronze. Which ones? I'm not telling :P read it for yourself :), he is also the author of "Saint Seiya Generation Next", a sequel to Saint Seiya.
Saint Seiya
Author of "La guerre des Kiai" . Three strange warriors are found by the Graunde Foundation in the North of Russia, but are they friends or foes?
Club Internet
Few StS fics like for exemple one one Hyoga's past...

For other fanfics in other languages, i.e Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese ... or for links to probably *every* StS fanfic on the web, please go to Kuri-chan's homepage .

Saint Seiya, FY and others songs lyrics
For the Romaji of Japanese songs
For StS lyrics
Kuri-chan's homepage
- Mu's corner - (new!)

For FY lyrics: 
- Tasuki no Miko -
- Anime Song Lyrics - Fushigi Yuugi  -
- Chapter Seven: Lyrics  -
- "Wo Ai Fushigi Yuugi" : Lyrics -
- Open onto Infinity... (Fushigi Yuugi Information) -
Music and Lyrics -

For anime lyrics in general
- Anime Turnpike -
Links to anime lyrics webpages in general. May you find what you look for :p

- -
_excellent_ site on a whole lot of anime lyrics. Go there and take a look. :) 


For "Every Little Thing" (lyrics):
For JPOP lyrics in general: 
- Megchan No Pop - -
- Bonsai's JPOP Pages  -

Saint Seiya links page
We can say only one thing: Saint Seiya International held by Arythar McShido. This is THE link site on the Net by excellence (apart from being one of the best sites around also). For Saint-Seiya lovers, two words: go there.

Fushigi Yuugi General Information
- Tasuki No Miko -
- -
- -


Fushigi Yuugi links pages
Argh!! Too many!! Here are a (very) few of them.
- Fushigi Yuugi Lexicon -
- Tasuki no Miko -

Anime songs (general) 
- Anime Turpike -
Ok ... so call me darn lazy but why give sites when you can find the links to almost all of them (or at least a heck of a lot of sites!) here? And in all formats too (midis, Mp2/3, RealAudio ...)! Yup, just go there to find webpages with anime songs :)

- -
Lots of midis on lots of animes. You should go there and take a look :) 

Saint Seiya songs

- Lady Andromeda's Galactic court -
Quite a few WAV, Mp2/Mp3 Saint Seiya files.

- Boadicea's page -
Beautiful midi files by Fabian Royer and a few zipped Mp3 files here and there.

- Stayka's Saint Seiya Archive -
Mp3 files.

Wav files of more then 10 StS music and songs 

- -
_large_ collection of StS souns and music in mp2 format 

Fushigi Yuugi songs 

FY has really _cool_ songs that are imho totally beautiful (then again maybe I'm biased :)), while the BGMs are not worth StS's ones (again, imho), the songs are awesome, from fast-beat to slow-paced ballads. The 2 open and ending themes are nice, though my favorite songs are from the second OVA mini-album series, like "Mizu-Kagami" (Water Reflection), "Kuroi Tsuki" (Black Moon), Setsunakuttemo ... Zutto (Even if it hurts ... always) or the unforgettable " Metcha Hajikete" ("Fire up shooting guts!) sung by THTC (though this one's not part of the mini-series album) just to name a few.

There was this  _excellent_ site where practically _ALL_ the songs were for download, unfortunately it's down now ;_; Here are a few little sites though (at least, a few that I know of).

- -
RealAudio files of the main FY songs

- Fushigi Yuugi Multimedia -
Quite a lot of RealAudio files and a few movie files.

- "Wo Ai Fushigi Yuugi" : Lyrics -
For "Mizu-Kagami" and "Setsunakuttemo ... Zutto" mp3s

- -
For Mp3s on Tasuki's songs 

Winamp and anime skins (general)

- Winamp
I'd strongly suggest going there if you don't have Winamp (to listen to MP3, MP2 and midi files) and if you want to get some animes skins to decorate your Winamp player, go there, they have tons of them! (from EVA to Ah my Goddess! passing by Vampire Princess Miryu :)) There are of course _tons_ of other sites offering anime skins, but that's the problem, there are _tons_ of them [grins]

- Anime Turnpike -
A great site for animes links in general (songs, webpages etc.. etc...). The site lists for winamp anime skins is under "Computer Goodies". Check it out! :)


Saint Seiya Winamp skins

- Stayka's Saint Seiya Archive -
Quite a lot of Winamp skins, mostly on Camus, some on Shaka, 1 or 2 on Milo and Hyoga.


Fushigi Yuugi skins

Gosh, there are quite a few of them, but scattered here and there so I'll try and give you the ones that I know about :)

- -
Forgot the name [scratches head sheepishly] but there's about 6-7 FY skins there. You can also find other animes like "Gundam Wings" for example.

- -
Yes, ok, I forgot the website's name again :P. So far it only has 1 Tasuki skin, but hey! It's a great one! They also have other cool skins like for example for FF7 :)

- Mizu-Kagami -
One or two Fy skins on ... you guess ... yup, Chichiri :)

Miscellaneous sites
 Where to learn Japanese on the Net:
Reiko-chan's Japanese for anime-lovers -
Learn Japanese through anime. It's easy and fun. :)

Final Fantasy:
Final Fantasy is one of the coolest games on Earth don't ya agree? (Just ask Pheb, she'll tell you :PP). I still don't have Final Fantasy VIII but that's gonna change very soon (I hope) if I can do something about it :) For now,  here are a few sites where you can get Final Fantasy goodies for your computer (mainly the VII or the VIII).

- Final Fantasy Online -
A highly recommended site to get information on most of the Final Fantasy games as well as information on the latest Final Fantasy news. Plus music, images, movies, skins and more!

- -
Truly an excellent site to get stuff like movies, desktop themes and wallpapers from both FF VII and FF VIII. There are also stuff for other animes.

- -
- -
If you want the english translations of the conversations in Final Fantasy VIII

ps: All links are working at the time of the upload. If any of the links are broken, or if any of you knows of other places to get StS fanfics, please tell us so that we can modify this page. Thank you! ^_^

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