Reporter: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I'm reporting live from the Kido mansion. With me are the Bronze Saints and Athena. [The camera pulls back a little to include the interviewees] I'd like to ask each of you a question.

Ikki: All this fuss just for one question?

Reporter: Er, you see, we'll have to broadcast a football match in five minutes.

Seiya: OK then, go ahead.

Reporter: You first, Seiya. If you could protest to Kurumada about something, what would it be?

Seiya: One thing only. Why do I get beaten up so often? What does he think I am, a punching sack?

Ikki: Well, aren't you?

Seiya: [glares at him] I don't remember anyone asking for your opinion.

Reporter: At least Kurumada's given you some girls to choose from.

Saori: What?!

Reporter: Uh, nothing. What about Shiryu, do you have any protest you'd like Kurumada to hear?

Shiryu: [raises an eyebrow] All that has been allotted to me is as it should be. I see no reason to lament.

Reporter: If only everyone can be as wise as you.

Ikki: Too bad not everyone can, isn't it? [glances at Seiya]

Reporter: Hmm. Saint Cygnus?

Hyoga: Oh, I'm perfectly okay. That is, if you overlook the fact that Kurumada has sunk my mother's ship, caused me to kill my teacher and my friend, and cost me an eye.

Reporter: But I hear girls love that bandage around your eye. Makes you look dashing.

Hyoga: They do?

Seiya: And Kurumada, having made you go through all that, doesn't even give you a girlfriend.

Hyoga: Correct. I mean, it's Toei and fanfic writers who are kind enough to find girls for me.

Reporter: Uh-huh. Shun-kun, any comment?

Shun: We-ell, I have Niisan with me, so I've no protest [smiles].

Reporter: You know, with a smile like that, you'll make Leonardo diCaprio eat his heart out.

Ikki: Are you suggesting that greedy filmmakers should make profit out of my brother?!

Reporter: Oh no, that's not what I mean [sweatdrops]. Any protest from yourself to Kurumada?

Ikki: Me? No.

Reporter: Not even about Esmeralda?

Ikki: Now you're trying my patience.

Reporter: ... [turns to Saori] Lastly, Athena?

Saori: Just this: why am I always getting kidnapped? It's pretty boring, you know.

Hyoga: Think of that cool armor Kurumada designs for you to wear in Elysion, as a consolation.

Saori: Still, I wish the enemies would pick someone else. You, for instance.

Seiya: Pah! I see no fun in rescuing Hyoga.

Shun: That sounds like a nice change.

Shiryu: A Saint's duty is to protect Earth, not to play hostage.

Reporter: Thanks for your time, folks. [turns camera-ward] We return to the studio...




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