Here are some of our earlier (as in *very much* earlier) StS fanarts. Comments and criticism are very welcomed. Just send them to  ^_^
p.s: click on picture for original size.
Group photo! :)
A young yet handsome Hyoga *grins*
Aaah...Shun... *laughs*
Shun, more in the manga style this time.

Seiya, surprised and ...shocked? :)
Seiya again, looking very determined indeed!
Same old Seiya as picture besides, only in color this time.

Aaawww... look at sd Seiya, doesn't he just look so cute? *grins*
Never cross the Libra saint.
A walking Aiolia, Lion saint.
Poseidon, god of the sea.

Athena, armed
A pensive looking Hades


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