We have a lot of people to thank for, people who, in some way or another, directly or indirectly, have contributed to the making of this page. To you people, here's a page specially for you.

General thanks

First the obvious thanks. To Masami Kurumada for having created the wonderful manga that it Saint Seiya, whom without there wouldn't be a page at all to begin with!

Then, we'd like to thank Arythar, for having so kindly permited us to use a picture from his site  for our first page.

We'd also like to thank our friend Julie, who was always here to comment on our work, especially the drawings, and not mincing her words, to my eternal despair right Julie? *grins*


Ja's thanks:

Ok, so its me first! Hey! What are you doing Pheb?! Push off! I was here first!  You'll get to give your thanks later!! *evil grin*

      Apart from the general thanks, I'd like to say a big "thank you!" to my
parents for everything I needed to do this page (like a computer and an internet connection for example *grins*), and to my little brother, who,  though he'd blush if he knew he was mentioned somewhere in *connection* with this homepage really helped me a lot (for example like the time when my computer broke down.) and never being satisfied with my homepage (as if I really cared *evil grin*).

      To my cousin Chin Leong for helping me with all my computer problems at the very, very beginning (like "what's winzip?" for example *grins*), bearing with me and all that stuff. (hum... someone remind me to *give* him this homepage address one of these days or this "thanks" won't serve much I guess ^_^)

      To Pheb of course ... and I won't comment here, you know what I have to say already. :)

      To Eve (hi!), who commented and gave her impressions (not to say
      contributed her real nice fics to this site :)), Eve, you're a pal! :)

      To the sadistic Daniel, for not having flammed me but instead *gasp*
      actually encouraged me *grins* (ok Daniel will I be spared now?!! :))

      To Viv, who (don't know if she can remember) so kindly helped us in our early beginning when we didn't know how the *heck* to put up our fics on the Net, much less to *do* a page! :)

      To Seawasp and Kathleen (though they don't know and never will know it :)) who have indirectly inspired us to this page and write fanfics (no matter how lame they be. :))

      To Dayspring, our lost penpal who kindly lent us some STS images, ("when shall we meet again"? *grins* "probably never".)

      And last but not least (phew!), to all the members of the StS Madness Mailing List like Hope-sensei *grins* who up till now did not flamme us... that's a *good* sign right?

To everyone and all the Saint Seiya fans out there, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu for  keeping the spirit of Saint Seiya alive  ^_^

AND NOW......


I'll make my thanks short, Not like *someone* I know (*glares at Ja*) :)

      First, to my parents, for the computer and the Internet connection...

      Then to Julie for helping us with our drawings by telling us when they were bad...
(*glares from Ja*: What are YOU complaining about Pheb? Julie never critiziced *your* drawings? She was the harshest on ME.
 Pheb: Well, if you didn't draw so disproportionately she wouldn't *have* to complain now would she?
Ja: *smacks Pheb's head*)

       Then finally... to us for doing all this troublesome work! LOL!
(Ja: you'll have to excuse my friend. She's a bit crazy... ok, so she's a LOT crazy...
Pheb: You're crazy as me Ja...
Ja glaring: And I caught *that* from who exactly?!!
Pheb: *grins*)


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