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B'tX is Masami Kurumada's latest series. We admit that we don't know much about it so you'll have to look for explanations elsewhere, sorry. :) What we *can* propose to you though, is a series of screenshots taken from the animation of B'tX. So for those who are curious to see how B'tX is different from Saint Seiya, or who are just curious about B'tX full stop, welcome. :) It's a small page, we know. But we never intended it to be very big. As we said before, we know little of the stories so just enjoy the pics and forgive us ne? ^_^ It's much more in Masami Kurumada's mange style then Saint Seiya though. Each screenshots are classified according to the episodes they are taken from. 

Excuse us for the quality of the pictures. We're doing it like with *very* rudimentary instruments. Gomen [sheepish grin]. Gomen also for the chinese subs sometimes. We can't help it, it was with the vcds. :P



Episode one:

Screenshots 1-1
Screenshots 1-2 ( to come soon)

Episode two:
(still to come)

more to come soon!

 Every page has 50 pictures on it. I divided each episodes in a few parts to make it easier and faster to download the page. Hope you don't mind. :)
 P.S: Please be patient. I'll try and add pictures regularly, but I can't promise anything because of work and all that. :)



Some B'tX links:

As you know, (or certainly have figured by now :P), our knowledge of B'tX is *very* limited. However, here are some links to some pages which might help you understand more ... or simply have more B'tX stuff on it. :). 

Stayka's Saint Seiya Archive: Lots and lots of B'tX pics taken from the anime, though here it centered around the anime characters. Still, if you want to look for *more* B'tX screenshots, you *have* to go there. :) (then again, seeing the number of screenshots on Saint Seiya and the rest of the animes there, you have to go there not only for B'tX! *grins*)

Lady Andromeda's Galactic Court: Lots of stuff on her Saint Seiya page (oopss, sorry, forgot myself :P), but some info on B'tX and Masami Kurumada. :) 

Surprisingly, apart from Lady Andromeda's site, the other pages are relatively small. But here are their URLs anyway.



http://namida.animanga.com/b-btx.html (in french) 


http://members.xoom.com/kobemex/  (in spanish)

http://users.animanga.com/saint/btx/btx.htm  (in portuguese)

http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Dojo/5514/btx.htm : This is the URL of the homepage of the B'tX webring, if that can help anybody. :)


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