Animated GIFs


    In here you'll be able to find animated GIFs of some Animes. Feel free to put them on your webpages if you want!! You'd make me happy!! ^_^  Just one small request  though :). Since I did all these GIFs myself, please inform me  if you're using them so that I can go and see your webpages. Think of it as satisfying my personnal curiosity ^_^. and second thing, please put somewhere (*anywhere*) that I did those GIFs (even if it's a small, microscopic word), it'll really be nice of you and you'd have my eternal gratitude. ^_^
    But enough of these boring words. Chose an anime?
ps: if any of you has a request of a particular anime scene and any of the animes below, e-mail me, I'll try and do an animated GIF for you if it's possible. =) 

Saint Seiya
Fushigi Yuugi


 (coming soon)


Ranma 1/2
(coming soon)

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